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Panel Meeting

Our next panel meeting is Thursday 25th October 2012 at 18:30. The venue is St. John the Baptist Church, Sudbrooke Drive. If any members of the community would like to attend to discuss community issues, please contact a member of the Minster and Castle Team on 01522 805735. This is an ideal opportunity to bring to light any concerns you may have.

Neighbourhood Working – What is it?

Neighbourhood Working is about getting EVERYONE, from the residents and businesses of Ermine to the voluntary and statutory agencies, involved in improving Ermine.

It aims to narrow the gap between Ermine and the rest of Lincoln and indeed the country, and ultimately challenge and change the way “things have always been done” simply by asking you how they could be done better.

Resident Involvement in Ermine

All residents have a valuable contribution to make to their local community. You all have the right to have a say in making Ermine a better, safer and cleaner place to live.

There are various ways of becoming involved, from completing a survey or questionnaire to volunteering or participating in a community group or forum or just by popping in for chat and raising your particular concern or talking about your particular interest.

If you are a resident of Ermine East or West and want to be involved then do please get in touch.

I will be available for a chat in

the Sudbrooke Drive Community Centre on Tuesday 3rd July 2012 from 1400 – 1500 and

the Ermine Methodist Church Trelawney Crescent on Thursday 19th July 2012

Noel Tobin

Neighbourhood Manager, North
City of Lincoln Council

Tel 01522 544500
Mobile 07810056130

73-75 Swift Gardens,